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Sex. Love and the opportunities.

Chapter- 4
The opportunities.

The worst possible thing in this world is when you are devoid of the opportunities. I have observed many people in the world regrating that they were not provided with opportunities they would have deserved. Who is to be blamed for such insane inhuman act? Who is responsible for our suffering? For many years I thought as I was taught that a man is responsible for its own deed and choices. I believed that for years, until today. Yes, a man is responsible for its own faults and choices but whose fault is it when he was not even given a chance.

And then it clicked my mind it is the culture and society that play an important role in devoiding someone of the opportunities they deserve. People are not given opportunities to choose their life, education, partners the list goes on and on. Not letting someone study what they want is the result we don't have a single Einstine among us today but have millions of terrorists.

Well, lets talk about sex. It is the …

Sex, Love and the Cinderella

Chapter- 3

The Cinderella..

Sigmund Freud once said that we leave things behind someones place who like unconsciously so that is gives us an alibi to meet that person again. Evolution of humans to a highly developed species have made these mating games very complicated, we don't say anything and try to hide our feelings and we also trick ourselves in thinking that we have mastered our instincts, but the part of our brain that controls our unconscious being has not yet evolved with us and it still remains untouched. Although it remained untouched since humans first started to get attracted to each others , it starts acting very intelligently and purposefully when the core of desires are touched. We are so much habituated to lie to our self and desires that we even ignore when it tries to work with us therefore it goes one step ahead and acts without us.

We all have favorite porn stars that we like, the ones who makes us hard like iron rod or wet us like a juicy fruit, and believe …

Sex, Love and I - The pheromones.

Chapter 2

The pheromones...

We deny but love the musty smell of each other bodies, the sweat mixed with the hormones, the musty dark yet sweet smell of the genitals. The smell of the air that passes our bodies. The guilty pleasure that we all have is sniffing the underwears not only of others but also our owns. You may pretend to smell it to check if the underpants are clean or not but actually you the tasting your own smell and you love it.

All men know their own smell, every time we adjust our manhood from inside the underwear, unconsciously or consciously our brain will direct our fingers to our nose . Don't believe me!!! all the men reading this now are now smelling the odour of their manhood in their minds now and all the females reading this are unconsciously putting their hands near their lips and smiling with an expression on their face like they need more wine.

Human beings have evolved to a very high standard as per earth's life parameters and so as their sexualitie…

Sex,Love, I and faking it

Chapter -1
Faking it......

Carrie Bradshaw, once wrote in her column that we fake many things, the color of our eyes, the color of our hairs, our age and our orgasms too.

For years world believed that only women fake their orgasms. Well being a man it was very difficult for me to understand that women even have orgasms in the first place and the use of wrapping a gift which is still difficult for me to understand. I was young then but now I know that women have orgasms and they have even mastered the art of faking it.

I was 12 years old when I found out that some girl in my class stained her skirts with blood, when I asked my mother about it she told me that its a very bad thing and I should not discuss this with anyone. The next day I saw the girl in class again, while all the boys were laughing at her, her friends were pretending to beside her and making her feel comfortable.  Now I understand that everyone in my class was faking it. Boys were faking it to be rude and girls were fa…