Sex,Love, I and faking it

Chapter -1
Faking it......

Carrie Bradshaw, once wrote in her column that we fake many things, the color of our eyes, the color of our hairs, our age and our orgasms too.

For years world believed that only women fake their orgasms. Well being a man it was very difficult for me to understand that women even have orgasms in the first place and the use of wrapping a gift which is still difficult for me to understand. I was young then but now I know that women have orgasms and they have even mastered the art of faking it.

I was 12 years old when I found out that some girl in my class stained her skirts with blood, when I asked my mother about it she told me that its a very bad thing and I should not discuss this with anyone. The next day I saw the girl in class again, while all the boys were laughing at her, her friends were pretending to beside her and making her feel comfortable.  Now I understand that everyone in my class was faking it. Boys were faking it to be rude and girls were faking it to be good. My mother was faking it to be ignoring the fact that what she has told me was not correct. I was faking to understand everything.

I came know about the actual copulation process when I was in 9th standard, every child of my age in my church was knowing it before me. Once I overheard my aunt in church talking to my Mum that seeing my face she gets the feeling that I know everything. Guess everyone in my church was faking it too. All the children of not knowing anything, my aunt of knowing everything, my mother of listening to my aunt and me of not listening to the aunt.

Kids grow up so did I. I started faking the color of my eyes, the color of my hairs, my age and my orgasms as well. One day during my faking it I couldn’t help but wonder why do we fake orgasms and the answer was in the closed eyes of my partner. My faking it was of deep satisfaction to someone. So I increased the amplitude of my faking to the levels it was still believable, till E was not equaled to MC Sq.

So when someone fakes orgasms for you, cherish them for life, coz they don't fake you, they fake themselves for you.....


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